freestyle thursday oct. 3, 2013

so sick of the shit, ready to be done with all of this, close my eyes i see black, it covers my heart, its too late, i’m going in, fallin into this dark abyss, used to want to make a misses out of a miss, then i said fuck all of that, after she left, still remember our first kiss, nothing satisfies me now, not even girls on my dick, not a blunt, or money, I’m at the point where I’m challenging death, fuck everybody else, don’t care if I lose your respect, if you ask me, shit I’m better than everybody else, whoever smelt it dealt it, so deal with this shit, who me, that right muhhhfuckah, I am the shit, they sayin watch me do me, I’m like nigga check this, one, two, one, two, three, fuck who?, fuck you nigga!, not me, im shining so bright, that u busta’s can’t see, I’m too high up, yall aint on the same level, you see?, but you dont, like i got that cloak on, harry potter reference, for those of you u slept on, that bit of magic, it is tragic, that, you would even step to me, because I got that strap, instead of using bullets, my lyrics take yo body and dissect, yo body shawty, fuck you bruh, this is exactly what u get, haters lose in the end, did you not know that?, im spittin cus u fucks dont know, what real music is I suppose, it should come from your heart, from your soul, you say i act too young, well you act like mold, spreading yourself like a disease, check the medication, I can have u subdued with ease, bitch please, you best believe, you aint fuckin with me.

-William Tabor (Marcel Wilson)(Shakespeare)

Uggghhh New Shit I Just Wrote…Just Now

write some real shit, not nothin about a bitch, go in on these niggas, seen what time it is, time to go to work, I’m finna clock in, no watch on my wrist, hublots, these hoes, nigga, real life, real world, so that make me a real nigga, five foot six, not the tallest, but my heart is bigger, which allows me to easily, go in, and murder you niggas, why you think you got me beat, like the mavs in o8 vs. the heat, you gonna have to bring that, to take my spot, claim my seat, honestly i aint even worried about you, in the slightest, in the least, you hiding like a cat, frightened of a beast, pussy, that is you, described in one word, pussy, your face next to the definition in WEBSTERS, look at you getting offended by my words, before you even respond you stop, because you know you trying me is absurd.

July 7, 2013 

where does the time go, use to be my main hoe, no reply to my texts, but I aint upset tho, get you kinda wet tho, fuck, we been suppose to knocked boots, I just party and bullshit, gimme tha loot, and yes I still love you, seems like you have no clue, summer after summer, call this shit deja vu, im spose to be ya boi, you spose to be my boo, ghost ride the whip, or road head, either or, life’s a bore, but ima catch that fish, with my rod, and a lure…for sure. 

-William Tabor

this shit is fye as fuck and I have no idea what the fuck it is…